Wide Usage of Hoot N Holler Communications

Over the past few decades, virtual communications have come quite a distance. From simple text messages in the 90s, to skype calls in the early 2000s, we are now able to easily and quickly communicate with others across oceans. One way in which online communication has changed recently (or not so recently, but more on that later) is through hoot n holler communications. With this type of communication, there is a permanent open circuit between at least two parties. Any party may speak at any time without having to make a call or press any buttons, similar to a walkie-talkie, except for the connection is always there. What is so fascinating about this kind of communication is that thousands of users can use it at the same time. For this reason, hoot n holler communications can be and is used in many different kinds of professions. Many spheres use this life altering technology for emergency communication, such as railway companies and oil and gas companies along pipelines. Even the National Weather Service uses this kind of private line circuit to quickly communicate on both the state and national level. Another common use is brokerage firms, who use hoot and holler to share information between offices. It is also used in junk yards, who were actually the first to harness this type of communication, workers can check for parts in other salvage yards. As you can see, the uses are almost without limit for this type of communication.

Another ramification for private line circuits is they could potentially spell the end of the traditional telephone. With something like the VCOM circuit, users are granted independence from phone companies, increased quality, and increased privacy. Because of the nature of hoot n holler communications, it is impossible to know who is speaking on the circuit. With all the news of the NSA recently, privacy is becoming more and more important to users. This kind of virtual communication could potentially be available from any computer connected to the internet, also known as an IP Hoot.

The craziest thing is that this kind of system has been around for more than 50 years. So why haven’t we already heard about it before? Because, since it’s invention and widespread use 50 years ago, hoot n holler communications have not much changed. Up until now, it was considered too expensive to use far and wide, and also not reliable enough in today’s market. But now, as just mentioned, it’s possible to have a private line circuit with just a simple internet connection, an IP Hoot. Now, instead of needing additional complicated equipment, you just need a computer. One great thing about this is it allows a single company to establish multiple “hoot groups” where each group has its own purpose. This is important for, say, investment brokers, who all need information fast, but everyone at the firm doesn’t need the same information.

This changing technology can and will help the evolution of many different spheres, public and private. This older technology might just be the communication of the future. Learn more about hoot n holler.